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swamp deer at kanha
600 Swamp Deer at Kanha National park
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After reviving the tiger population at Panna national park successfully, the forest department has accomplished another major conservation operation by managing to increase the population of rare hard ground swamp deer species at Kanha National Park-the only habitat for these animals in India.

The conservation strategy adopted by the department has helped increase the number of swamp deer to 600 which had dwindled to 66 in 1970.

Three tiger cubs at Panna National Park
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A tigress has given birth to three cubs at the Panna Tiger Reserve, taking their total number in the park to 26. Tigress  “T-6″ and three of her cubs were spotted for the first time at Hinotia range of the reserve recently. The cubs are about two-months-old.Since three cubs have been spotted, the tiger population in Panna Tiger Reserve has risen to 26.

Tigress ‘T-6′ had delivered a cub in August last year but couldn’t rear it.

The Panna Tiger Reserve had made news in 2009 after it became devoid of any big cats owing to various reasons, that included poaching. Later, a few big cats were brought to the reserve to revive the tiger population. Tigress ‘T-6′ was relocated to the reserve from the Pench Tiger Reserve in January 2014 under this scheme.

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