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Indian Wildlife

An experience for lifetime

India is among the oldest civilizations of the world. On one hand, it has pre-historic caves dating back 10, 000 years to forts built by various rulers over several centuries to temples, mosques and other monuments that evoke interest. On the other, it’s a mega-diverse country, with seven Natural World Heritage sites, eleven Biosphere Reserves in the World Network of Biosphere Reserves and thirty seven Ramsar Wetlands. It’s also home to three biodiversity hotspots – the Western Ghats, the Eastern Himalayas, and the Indo-Burma hotspot. A lottery of sorts for those looking for a wildlife tour. Add heritage to this and you have a heady mix ready.

There are Tiger Parks & Sanctuaries across the country, each of them a unique experience due to a combination of terrain, climate, flora and fauna. Conservation efforts have ensured that the extinction threat that loomed large once over majestic lions is now not only reversed, and the population has shown an upward swing. Similar is the case with many other animal and bird species like elephants, lions, leopards, bears, rhinos, deer and antelope species, reptiles, peacocks, blackbucks, and many more.

Do check out these packages that are the best in terms of both luxury & convenience, even if the destinations, at times, are in extreme wilderness. Imagine spotting a tiger in the morning and walking up the steps of an abandoned fort in the afternoon even as you find peacocks and other birds prancing around you, creating music very often with their chirping.

These absolutely unique experiences are backed by a combination of infrastructure and experienced teams in wildlife, history and hospitality. We are ready to host you, whenever you wish.

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The beauty of Wildlife is not man made, it's nature's gift to humanity.

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