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Kanha National Park


Opened in

2000 Sq Kms

Total Area


Best Time to Visit

How to reach

Nearest Airport

Nagpur ( 266kms)   Jabalpur ( 177 kms)

Nearest Railwa St

Nagpur ( 266kms)   Jabalpur ( 177 kms)

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The Kanha National Park was originally a part of the Gondwanas or the “land of the Gonds”. The forest of the Kanha Tiger Reserve was inhibited by two indigenous tribes of Central India, the Gonds and the Baigas. The vicinity of the reserve is still occupied with the villagers of these tribes.

Barasingha- the jewel of Kanha
Traditionally known as Dolhorina which is similar to the English name (Swamp Deer), Barasingha is the most abundant species found in Kanha Reserve. This species is being recognized as the sub- Himalayan terai of North India, the hard ground Barasingha is an exclusive graminivorous deer species that totally depends on grasses and grasslands and shows a preference for aquatic plants. It is the most peaceful species in Kanha that easily interacts with Chital. They are often found to wade into water, frequently dipping its stifle to feed on water plants.

Wildlife at Kanha

Animals :

  • Royal begal Tiger
  • Chital
  • Sambhar
  • Hard Ground Barasingha
  • Chousingha
  • Sloth Bear
  • Gaur
  • Wild Boar
  • Barking Deer

Birds :

  • Indian Golden Oriole
  • Malabar Pied Hornbill
  • Green bee Eater
  • crested Serpent Eagle
  • Emerald Dove
  • Yellow Footed Green Pigeon
  • Fly Catcher

Safari Gates at Kanha National Park :

  • Kanha
  • Kisli
  • Mukki
  • Sarhi


  • Khapa
  • Khatia
  • Phen
  • Sijora

Safari Timing at Kanha National  Park : 
16th October to 15th February :
Morning Safari - Sunrise to 11:00 hours
Afternoon Safari - 14:00 hours to Sunset

16th February to 15th April :
Morning Safari - Sunrise to 11:00 hours
Afternoon Safari - 15:00 hours to Sunset

16th April to 30th June:
Morning Safari - Sunrise to 10:00 hours
Afternoon Safari - 15:30 hours to Sunset

  • The Park remains closed for the period from 20th June to 30th September.
  • Afternoon Safari on every Wednesday will remain closed.
  • Safaris will be closed on the day of Holi and Diwali

Tiger Safaris Tour Packages at Kanha National Park