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Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve


Opened in

1101 Sq Kms

Total Area


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How to reach

Nearest Airport

Nagpur ( 150kms)   

Nearest Railwa St

Nagpur ( 155kms)   Chandrapur( 45 kms)

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Tadoba Tiger Reserve is a beautiful story of protection by the Tadoba’s indigenous people. These Gond tribals are truly the stakeholders in protection activities. Little wonder that this protected jungle today provides water, fresh air, habitat and livelihoods to all her inhabitants.

So as you move through the jungle, you will be blessed with sightings of Tadoba’s beautiful flora and fauna – interesting little insects, lofty trees, beautiful birds, glamourous mammals… And yes the tiger too!!!

The northern part of a reserve (western boundary of Moharli and Tadoba range) is slightly undulating and hilly interspersed with woodlands and grasslands. These hilly areas give rise to a number of steams such as Andhari, Bhanuskhindi and Hirdi. Important catchment areas of these steams occur at Bhanuskhindi, Pandharpauni and Kolsa. The Tadoba Lake, the parks perennial water body, also lies in the basin area of the hills. It not only provides water for the animals but is also home to marsh crocodiles.

Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve is drained by two river Andhari river which originates in Pandharpauni and flows in the eastern half and the Erai river which flows in the western half. Both the `rivers have base flow or dry weather flow which indicates that they are recharged from groundwater Both the rivers flow from north to south; Andhari river joins the Wainganga, a distributor of Godavari while the Erai is fed by the Bhanuskhindi Nala. The southern parts of Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve are mostly plains and comprise of grasslands in Botezari, Karwa, Piperheti and Kolsa.

Wildlife at Tadoba

Animals :

  • Royal begal Tiger
  • Chital
  • Sambhar
  • Hard Ground Barasingha
  • Chousingha
  • Sloth Bear
  • Gaur
  • Wild Boar
  • Barking Deer

Birds :

  • Indian Golden Oriole
  • Malabar Pied Hornbill
  • Green bee Eater
  • crested Serpent Eagle
  • Emerald Dove
  • Yellow Footed Green Pigeon
  • Fly Catcher

Safari Gates at Tadoba Tiger Reserve :

Moharli Zone :

  • Mogarli
  • Khutwanda
  • Agarzani
  • Devada
  • Adegaon
  • Juona
  • Mamla

Navegaon Zone :

  • Navegaon
  • Ramdegi
  • Nimdela

Kolara Zone :

  • Kolara
  • Palasgaon
  • Chauradeo
  • Alizanza
  • Madnapur
  • Shirkheda
  • Belara

Pangadi Zone :

  • Pangadi
  • Aswal Chuha
  • Zari
  • Keslaghat
  • Zari Peth

Safari Timing at Tadoba Tiger Reserve : 
16th October to 15th February :
Morning Safari - Sunrise to 10:00 hours
Afternoon Safari - 14:00 hours to Sunset

16th February to 15th April :
Morning Safari - Sunrise to 10:00 hours
Afternoon Safari - 14:00 hours to Sunset

16th April to 30th June:
Morning Safari - Sunrise to 10:30 hours
Afternoon Safari - 14:30 hours to Sunset

  • The Park remains closed for the period from 20th June to 30th September.
  • Afternoon Safari on every Wednesday will remain closed.
  • Safaris will be closed on the day of Holi and Diwali

Tiger Safari Packages at Tadoba Tiger Reserve